Luxury Zone is the first and the only Outlet of the signed jewel, the new world of the luxury pret a porter. It always offers reduced prices from -30% to -50% on the best brands of jewelry such us Damiani, Alfieri, Bliss, Chopard, Roberto De Meglio, Salvini, Maserati, Scuderia Ferrari and many others. Jewelry and watches of the highest levels, quality and beauty with outlet prices. not just the guarantee of the best brands: Luxury Zone offers its creations made in Italy. The craftsmanship, the high quality of the stones and the exclusive artisanal manufacture are reflected in the modern design, for jewels that are suitable for any occasion. Luxury Zone has revolutionized the concept of selling the jewel: an elegant and refined space, with highly specialized staff, where you’ll find the luxury you have always desired. a “shop in the shop”, inside the best italian’s outlets. Luxury Zone, the new temple of luxury, for an exclusive gift!

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