Scopri le caratteristiche.

Diamond is surely the most well-known stone in jewelry for its value and for its ability to reflect light. Initially this stone was used as a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility. Over the centuries, diamonds have become the ultimate gift of love. It was said that the arrows of Cupid had diamond tip, a stone that possessed an unparalleled magic power.

Even today diamonds are given as a symbol of love: definitely the solitaire is the ultimate ring of engagement. The beauty of a diamond, its rarity, its luster, depend on the combination of different characteristics. To understand the value you need to know the 4C: the best combination of these features determines the greatest value of the diamond.




The color of a diamond

Diamonds have a range of colors which varies from cold whites to warmer ones.
The purest diamond is the one that most closely matches the total absence of pigmentation (colour).
The rarest and most valuable diamonds are those that appear as absolutely transparent. Letter D refers to the perfectly colorless, rare and precious stones, until we reach the letter Z, that indicates a stone with a shade of color.




The weight of a diamond

Essential to determining the economic value of a gem, indicates the weight of each diamond, using as a unit of measure the carat, corresponding to 1/5 grams, divided into hundred points. Bigger diamonds are rare in nature and have a much higher value.




The purity of a diamond

The purity of a diamond is measured according to the inclusions it has inside.
Inclusions are fingerprints of diamonds that can not be determined by eye and describe the number, color, size and position of "diamond fingerprints," structural lack of homogeneity, visible with a ten-magnitude jeweler lens.




The shape of a diamond

Only an expert eye knows how to recognize a diamond perfectly cut
Secret is in the brilliance, which is the refractive path that allows the light of
fully reflect and return in the same direction of origin.